Our Brand

Diane Co. Garments Manufacturing, a local company, was established at the onset of the pandemic with a vision to contribute to the growth of the Philippines as a major player in the global garments manufacturing industry.

Initiating on her journey in 2017 with a focus on women’s retail clothing, our founder adeptly pivoted to meet the rising need for hospital supplies. Since then, it has been immersed in supplying for B2B clients and it has achieved remarkable evolution and is now one of the major manufacturers of custom-made garments in the country. In the realm of custom-made garments, Diane Co. Garments Manufacturing stands as a benchmark for excellence.

As a fully-integrated composite unit, handling everything from fabric to the finished garment, we take pride in offering our customers a one-stop solution for all their garment demands and branding needs. A technology-driven company, we are dedicated to constantly improving our production processes while maintaining our commitment to the highest quality and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We take immense pride in our dedicated team and the high-quality garments and fabrics that we manufacture and distribute in the Philippine market, and export to different parts of the world. We aim to contribute to our country’s gradual recognition as an emerging global market and feel honored to be part of this international success.

Why choose Diane Co. Garments?

Unlimited Product Scope

We are a specialty manufacturer of all customized garment-related products
in the Philippines with one aim: we are dedicated to working together with our
clients to fulfill the vision for your brand.

#1 Custom Jacket Maker

We are the best custom jacket supplier offering vast options with countless
ideas just waiting to be fulfilled. Manufacturing jackets is our forte.

You’re the designer

The best place to explore your options, and enjoy the process of creatively
personalizing your custom uniform that speaks well of your brand, story, and

Experts in our field

Need help? As a consulting-oriented value-added manufacturer, we offer
expert advice on the choice of design, fabric, quality and functional

We are fully equipped to manufacture uniforms for a range of sectors, including government, healthcare, finance, construction, and service industries such as food and delivery services. Our production process begins with computerized design, followed by fabric inspection, plotting, cutting, sewing, trimming, quality checks, packing, and delivery.

Beyond manufacturing from fabric to the finished product, we offer additional services such as direct-to-fabric printing, sublimation printing, silkscreen printing, embroidery, and ribbon tagging. These services comprehensively support our clients’ branding and vision for their company. We are relentlessly striving for the position of a pathfinder of improved designs and cutting-edge quality. We are open to constantly innovating and upgrading our capabilities.